QSC GX7 Professional Power Amplifier - Boferr

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    QSC GX7 Professional Power Amplifier

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The QSC GX7 power amplifier embodies all the hallmarks that the QSC brand is famous for; professional audio quality, meticulous engineering, precision manufacturing and long-term reliability. It is the ideal choice for professionals in need of reliable, pro-quality power in a lightweight power amp design that wont break the bank.

Delivering a whopping 725 watts @ 8 ohms per channel yet weighing in at only 15.5 lbs, the QSC GX7 power amp delivers an unmatched power to weight ratio, the best in the industry. QSC has adorned the GX7 with some nifty features making it the perfect amplifier choice for a slew of applications.

To keep operations cool, a low-noise variable-speed fan with rear-to-front airflow is onboard, working behind the scenes at all times. QSC’s “GuardRail” protection enables full peak power but steps in during excessive clipping or extreme overheating, automatically reducing the gain just enough so the music keeps on playing without damage occurring to the GX7.

Front panel LEDS monitor Power, signal and clipping, and there’s also a subwoofer/satellite crossover built-in so there’s no need for an external crossover unit.

Inputs include XLR, ¼” TRS and stereo RCA type. Outputs include Speakon combo connectors, ¼” TRS or Speakon 2-pole and 4-pole. The detented gain controls on the front panel make it easy to recall and match settings.

With it’s generous power rating, modern good looks and reliable performance along with it’s light weight, the QSC GX7 Power Amplifier is the perfect mate to your passive speakers as it allows you to be free to perform and most importantly, not give your power amp a single thought.

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